Saturday, May 2, 2009


I opened the doors of the church at 8am to start the rummage sale....stayed there until about 3pm, with some breaks throughout the day to check out other yard sales in town. We found some good deals...a bassinett, boys clothes, shoes, stir crazy pop corn popper, match box cars. Julia and Carlina helped out with the bake sale at the yard as there were other girls there to visit with. I don't think we made a ton but it was fun, nonetheless!

I found this article which is great if you're feeling worried about the flu...kind of puts things in perspective:
Everyone goes oink!

I am trying to put some tomato seedlings in pots...they look pretty healthy right now but hopefully I don't kill them! We found 2 other houses that we are looking at, also. I am feeling sad that I can't plant tons of flowers and shrubs around here because we don't know where we are going to be I am just putting things in pots that I can move.

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Joy said...

Thanks for sharing the flu article.

I hit a couple garage sales yesterday and today and found some great stuff! I got Adrian a new bed with mattress for $25 & nice luggage for Glen for $5! I love a good deal :)