Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm done!!!

11 new fillings later and I am finally done with my torture sessions at the dentist. My last 2 were done today. I have terrible teeth that I have not kept up on and many fillings that were falling apart. I am thankful that insurance covered everything...I had to get it done as my insurance coverage ends May 30th. Hopefully I can keep on top of things better, but I am pretty sure my teeth are always going to give me problems.

Jesse is working a grueling schedule for May. His plant shuts down one a year to clean and replace everything and all workers must be there. He works 7 days straight (12 hour days), one day off, and then 5 nights (12 hours also). After that it goes back to his regular schedule. It will be a marathon session.

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Debbie said...

hope things work out so you can get your house...i am sure God has a plan!