Sunday, May 24, 2009


It appears that we are going to be putting in a bathroom upstairs. We have gotten by with 1, but with everyone home for the summer and everyone being home-schooled next year, it will be a wonderful blessing. Right now there are 4 bedrooms upstairs...the one we are converting to a bathroom is very small and will be perfect. Noone sleeps in it currently. It is Garrett and Thomas's room with their dresser and bunk beds. Garrett sleeps in Julia and Alicia's room, and Thomas sleeps downstairs with Jesse and I. The bathroom will have a toilet, sink and bathtub. We bought some items for it last night....faucet and knobs for shower and sink, vanity with attached sink, tile, grout for tile, adhesive for tile...that stuff cost almost $400. We haven't even bought the toilet or shower yet...from what we've seen to go cheaply it will another $600. We are not doing the labor will be rather complicated. We hired a man that has done work for us in the past.

Colton came home from working on the church with a bad sunburn. Our church is converting an old National Guard Armory and it will be a ton of work. They are doing everything themselves. Julia, Alicia and Carlina also helped today. Jesse helped yesterday but had to go to work tonight.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day but we have no plans. Jesse works the next 4 nights and then we are going to take a small trip. Going to the zoo, amusement park and camping for 3 nights. We are planning on leaving Sunday.

Mom is coming home from Grandma's on Wed. Grandma will stay in hospice unless a miraculous healing occurs. She is stubborn about taking her pain medicine causing her unnecessary pain.

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