Thursday, April 30, 2009

Awana awards, tests and more..

The Awana awards went well. Julia got an award for finishing her book, as did Katie and Garrett. Carlina also finished hers but there is no award for that. Alicia is still working on hers, so is Colton. Next year we'll have 1 in nursery (Anna), 1 Cubbie (Thomas), 1 Sparky (Garrett), 2 Tnt'ers (Katie and Alicia), 1 Treker (Julia) and 2 in High School group again. I hope to help in some respect next year, don't know what yet. I am going to be a leader for the 2-3 year old group this summer in VBS.

I've been helping to get ready for the town yard sale...our church is having one with all money going to our building fund. Spent a couple of hours organizing stuff last night in the church basement.

Colton, Carlina and Julia finally got their Iowa Basic Skills test scores back. I was very pleased, they all scored well. This is the first standardized test they have taken since beginning homeschooling, so I was happy they did so well. I do not like standardized tests and don't believe they measure much of anything, but if they are going to have to take them (we didn't have to in Florida),I was happy for them that they did okay.

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