Thursday, May 21, 2009

A divided Jerusalem and other musings..

Check out Joel Rosenberg's blog regarding a divided Jerusalem.

We have had a couple of very warm, summer like days. I planted 2 forsythia buses on one side of the house and some zinnias out front. We are pushing the idea of moving to the side for now. Perhaps putting in a bathroom upstairs. Going down the home stretch for school. Alicia did awesome on her IBS tests and has done very well in 5th grade. I will be happy to have her home next year. Katie has had an okay year, really liked 1st grade in Florida better but has improved her reading (her writing is still very messy). Garrett is so friendly and outgoing, if he sees one of his friends he shouts out a loud, cheerful greeting. He had a good year in PS. But it will be nice to all be going in the same direction. Colton, Carlina, Julia and I are starting Spanish, which we will work on through the summer. Colton is finishing up his geometry. I ordered an Algebra book from here for Carlina. I really like what this company offers. Julia will have to work on math a bit longer and finish up her Language Arts book.

Ollie rolled in a dead skunk yesterday and smells awful. I will have to get some more vinegar to make another solution for him. We got an $80 ticket (because of the time he chased the cop!)...if only he didn't bark at people. He is a coward and wouldn't bite but he looks mean. I was thinking how crazy it would be if cats chased people and meowed meanly at them (I guess that wouldn't be so far fetched...aka a tiger!).

My SIL and I are going to start praying at 9am CST for our familes and our country. If anyone wants to join us, let me know and we will add your requests to our list.

Update: Grandma will be having her surgery today if her blood pressure is back up.


Melanie A said...

Blessings and peace on your family and grandma! I haven't even realized how serious the threat on Jerusalem is. Thanks for posting the link. JJ got me the new book by J.R. for Mother's Day!

Robin said...

Hey Mel! Let me know what you think about the book.. I haven't read it yet. Going to get it from my MIL when she finishes.