Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thomas is 2 today!

Two years ago on this day, Jesse and I were making the drive to Parrish Medical Center in Titusville, Florida to be induced into having our 7th baby. We arrived bright and early and I was adminstered antibiotics as I was strep B positive. After about an hour of that, Dr. Taival came in and broke my water. I was officially 10 days past my due date of June 16th. She was going to give me 1 hour to go into labor before pitocin was given. I really did NOT want the pit. The water breaking did not work, not a single contraction occured and she started the pit. After that things started to happen and about two hours into that I got my epidural, right when the contractions were starting to get hard. We were watching Hildalgo. About 3:15 I felt extreme pressure and they checked me and I was complete. A couple of pushes later Thomas was born, a little cutie with dark hair. He looked big to me and was my biggest baby at 8lbs 2oz. Now he is an extremely active 2 year old. He loves balls and bats, tractors and drawing. He still sucks his thumb like he did the first time we saw him via ultrasound at 18 weeks. Now he is going to be a big brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thomas Levi Beem!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The many faces of Jesse...


Julia is missing her friends but hopefully will settle in here and make new ones. She helped out at VBS today.


Colton turns 16 on July 2 and is trying to get a job in Mapleton. Hopefully he will be successful. He has spent his summer animating pivot movies and writing stories, so far. He is loving being back in Iowa too. He never liked Florida (so he said frequently!).

More recent pictures!!!

Garrett loves being able to play with Grandma. He is going to her church's VBS this week and spent the night with Grandma tonight. He has really enjoyed playing with all of his cousins, especially Aurora who is exactly his age (1 month older).

Family gathering

We were so happy to be in Iowa and able to celebrate Grandma's 70th birthday (Jesse's mom). Her actual birthday is June 23rd but we had parties on Sat and Sunday. All of Jesse's sibling were there and most of the cousins. Here is a picture taken outside of Grandma's house with only the 5 older cousins missing.
From left back...Lori, Jamey, Jesse, Joe & Deb.
From left front...Julia, Carlina,Jewel,Katie,Aurora,Garrett,Connor,Ariel,Alicia (holding Thomas) and Colton....also in pictures the two puppies Olliver and his brother, Lucas.

New puppy!!!

We have a new little puppy....part lab/part collie, named Olliver by the girls. He is cute and rambunctious. Everyone is having fun with him, he is such a cutie! He has already chewed up multiple items like computer cords, shoes, toys and loves to chaw on Tom's feet and hands. His teeth are razor sharp! He loves to watch the kittys but keeps his distance right now. They are bigger than him.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We made it!

We are officially in the land of flooding and tornados! Iowa has been wracked with natural disasters lately....just like Florida was hit hard with hurricanes the year we moved down. Could there be a connection?! After a very eventful trip--- our van decided to die in Jax, Florida and we had to rent a van to get us home---plus we pulled a hillbilly style trailer, rocking chair and all, those 1500 miles and didn't have a major incident with that. Thank you, God!!! Thanks to Jesse's mom and sisters for all the help moving in, we are almost settled!!! Here is a picture of our big old farmhouse in a small town: