Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Persecuted church...

Click here to find out ways that you can help the persecuted church. Do you get the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter? It is free and an excellent resource and you can request it on the same page. You can also request Tortured for Christ for yourself or for a friend, sign up for prayer alerts and find out how to write letters to imprisoned Christians. According to the book Why Pray by John F. DeVries, God wants us to pray constantly, asking Him to shine His light and to shower His blessings on specific people and areas that need to know Him. We need to remember those being persecuted for Christ when praying.


10arrows said...

My name is Heather and my blog is arrowsprings. I appreciate so much your comments and look forward to them so much! I also live in Iowa. I would love to have you e-mail me sometime. My address is I think we may have lots in common and depending on where you are in Iowa, maybe we could get together someday! How fun! Thanks again!

Robin said...

Hi, Heather! I love your blog, it is very encouraging to me! I didn't know you lived in Iowa...I will email you!