Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last day of October...

Where did the month go? Hopefully November will be as nice as October as been, for the most part. It was kind of a frantic day today, although I don't really know why. Jesse slept and the kids ran around and played like crazy. We went to the store ( 2 different ones) 4 separate times to pick up....candy, water, glue, and a few assorted other items. Luckily we live right in town (or maybe unluckily for the wallet).

Colton made delicious chicken alfredo for dinner and we are snacking on Halloween candy (m&m's and reeses pieces.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Fall pics

All clear....

everyone is better one day sickness free. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

It rained off and on all day. I love the Fall smell. Julia and I took a walk in the drizzle (it was warm-57 degrees) and I breathed it all in deeply. Soon it will smell like winter and burn my lungs with the frigid air.

Jesse went back to work tonight. He works so hard when he is home. He cooks alot, which I love. Sitting in the crockpot is the most delicious chili mac which he "composed" yesterday.

Went to Bible Study tonight--Living By the Book by Howard Hendricks--learning how to study the Bible in depth.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


continues on with the flu. Colton and Carlina are still sick, although Carlina seemed somewhat better today. Still have fevers and chills. Thomas has a cough now, too. I sure hope the little ones can avoid the flu.

We (Julia, Alicia, Katie, Garrett, Thomas, Anna & I) went to Mom's for dinner. She made a delicious chicken dinner and we enjoyed visiting for awhile. At one point Anna climbed halfway up the stairs before we even realized she was missing. She is so speedy. We came home about 6 to get ready for Awana.

I have a new kitty who I love. He is a big stray Tom cat that showed up about 2 weeks ago. I call him Pierre. Cherrie-you would adore him! He is so loveable.

Turkey and Iran...

Read Joel Rosenberg's column about interesting happenings with end-time revelance:


Monday, October 26, 2009


Yes, we have it here now. Colton has been very sick for the past 3 days and Carlina, sick, but not as bad. Colton has been extremely miserable today. We had to postpone having his wisdom teeth removed, of course and he has missed 2 days of work. Now it is a waiting game to see who will get sick next. I thought it was going to be Thomas. He was flushed with a slight fever last night, but seems to be fine today. We don't plan on getting any flu shots.

It was a gorgeous Fall day and Julia, Alicia, Katie, Anna and I walked to the library. We took Jake who got loose at one point and chased squirrels in the park. He also barked viciously at a man walking out of the library.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I've been neglecting you, sorry!

It is a cold and rainy morning. We have a new stray cat that stays around now. He is a huge tabby that we named Pierre. Very sweet. I don't know if someone dropped him off, or where he came from. We have let him in several times. I asked my mom if she would take him, otherwise I will keep feeding him and maybe adopt him as an outdoor kitty.

Our yard is covered with leaves. The trees are almost bare. It is sad a dreary to see them go. There is still some color left and I am relishing the last bit of it. I am having fun feeding a baby squirrel. He comes every day and eats corn from the feeder. Yesterday he tried to drag a huge ear of corn back up to his nest. It was funny to watch him try.

Swine flu is prevalent around here. My niece in Oregon has it, as well! She has been home from school for a few days now. So far we have managed to avoid it, but I'm sure we can't forever. My mom has been sick with the seasonal flu, I haven't seen her in 2 weeks and have been missing her.

Colton gets his 3 wisdom teeth removed on Monday. I pray that all goes well. He gets to take the whole week off of work, so that will be helpful. He will be in no mood to work for awhile.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday girl...

Well, I am up at 2am with the little birthday girl on my lap. She sat up about an hour ago and suddenly threw up 2 times. Poor little thing, to be sick on her birthday! She seems to be doing okay now...maybe a slight temp.

Last year at this time, I was also up at labor. Anna arrived at 7:43 am, so I still had awhile to go. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA ROSE!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall weather

This week I've been feeling a bit burned out so we took a couple of days off. On Wednesday we went to our favorite park (about 10 miles away). It was a gorgeous day....70 degrees and bright sunny skies. We hiked, took pictures, let Jake run around and enjoyed some time away from the books.

Today--Friday--is our art day. All the kids painted pictures and then we had a unit study on World WarI. Later we talked about the evolutionist versus creationist idea of "Ardi". It was fun to do something together and less structured.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What can save me?

I've been thinking about this topic alot lately. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan you will remember the quote "This quest stands on the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fail......". I think of this when I ponder life here on earth. It is so precarious. Our houses, food, clothes, loved ones... are all things that we cling to on this planet. We think we are so secure and comfortable but, in reality, we are on the edge of a knife. Nuclear threats, biological threats, illnesses, is unpredictable. This may sound gloomy but it has a stellar ending. None of the physical things that we cling to can save us. We may one day lose it all. We can't count on anything from day to day...anything except for One thing...the Lord Jesus Christ. If we have trusted Him as our Savior, we have no worries, no fears..all loss is gain.