Thursday, October 30, 2008

School conferences...

Successful overall....Garrett's teacher said that he has the best vocabulary in the class and asks the most intriguing questions...Katie's teacher said the same thing about the questions. I have a curious bunch of kids. Alicia is doing good, just needs to get organized and listen. The teacher is very impressed with her artwork and said she is very smart. Alicia tends to go off into a world of her own. Katie is seeing a special teacher for her reading, but that might get phased out. She is doing well and reading is improving.

Living doll....

Thomas is adapting...

to being the big brother. It has been tough on him. He loves baby Anna ( is sometimes too rough with her) but struggles with not as much mommy time. He is migrating to Daddy more, which is the natural progression of things. He still wants to na-na-toe (hold my arm when he is tired) and can't always do that when I am holding/nursing the baby. Garrett is doing okay, but he has been whiny lately. Don't know if it is because he has been sick so much or tired from school or changes that new baby brings. Changes have hit all of us one way or another. I thought Katie had a uti; took her to the doctor today. She has been struggling with not having a bathroom in her classroom like last year. She had one accident in school and now feels like she has to go all of the time. The doctor said no uti, but did diagnose allergies and prescribed an antihistimine. Said that the allergies can make the bladder irritable, too. I think that in combination with the new classroom, new house, etc. is stressful, not to mention the baby.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prayers for this family needed....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Please pray for the outcome of this election!!!

See for a great article on the spiritual warfare involved in this election.


She's already filling out and has out grown her coming home outfit...sob!

Feeling better...

I am not back to normal but feeling better. I miss those lovely pregnancy hormones! That one day was so tough for me, I felt like every good hormone had been drained from my body and all I wanted to do was lay in a pile. I have been taking my meds for a week now and maybe it is starting to help a bit. I hate that I am so sensitive to those hormonal changes. Weaning and starting my period after having a baby throw me into the same sort of loop (not quite as severe as post-partum). I am trying to eat, but my appetite isn't what it should be yet. Anna is doing good, though she still has a fussy time late at night which is exhausting. Plus, Thomas is not sleeping well either, so makes it difficult. I do appreciate those who have been praying for me and would crave continued prayers. I still have sick ones; we can't seem to get rid of this terrible cough. It keeps getting passed back and forth and never leaves the house. My MIL has been a great help, coming over with groceries and helping around the house. I finally got my surburban back, so I can actually go places. The heat is working now, which is wonderful!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Colton and Anna

Colton loves the baby. It is shocking to think that when she is his age (16), he will be 32!!!!

My precious sleepers...

Tom and Anna napping. Anna and Pooh (1week old-will take them monthly with Pooh).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 I go again....

I need help from all my blog readers...mostly close friends, family and prayer warriors. I really thought that I had escaped the scourge of PPD but I hit a brick wall today and it has hit hard. I would appreciate prayers that I can get through this and feel better. I am going to try and see the doctor tomorrow and get back on Paxil which has helped me in the past. Please pray for my husband and children as they deal with this, too.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

1 week old (almost)

Last week at this time we were getting ready to head to the hospital. I can't believe it has been a week already. Our first week has been really good, minus the sickness that our household can't seem to get rid of. We keep passing it back and forth and getting it again. I pray that Anna doesn't get sick. I think newborns are pretty well protected. I feel like my recovery has been wonderful. Not having an episiotomy makes a huge difference in my getting back to normal, plus only having the epi in my system for a short time. With the 2 deliveries that I had one (episiotomy) it took me a long time to feel good and it is always harder to recover after an epidural. I have yet to have an induced labor without one (epidural) and this time was no exception. Those concentrated contractions are painful!

Anna seems to be very pleasant, just like she was in the womb. She is interested in what is going on around her and loves to hear the voices of her siblings. It is so fun to dress a little girl again, we are drowning in pink! Nursing is going good, too. She was 6lbs 13 oz at her weight check on Friday and having lots of wet and messy diapers. They want me to bring her in next week (Wed) for another weight check to make sure she gets back to her birth weight. I was always happy if they hit their birth weight at the 2 week check-up, so don't know what they are concerned about this early. All in all we are loving having a new baby. For being an old lady I feel great and could do this again:)I turn 39 in 2 weeks so not saying I will do this again but never say never. God has blessed us so much and I am very thankful.

This is Julia's birthday week, she turns 13 on the 23rd. She is such a big help to me but has been so sick lately. I hope she is well for her birthday. We took her out for pizza today and I am taking her shopping on her birthday. She also has a 13 yr checkup this week with our PA. We are just giving her money for her birthday so she can buy the clothes that she wants.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Pictures

Happy when I arrived...and sad when the contractions began....

Anna's birth story

Jesse and I left at 8:30pm on Sunday night (12th) to head to the hospital. I was hoping for some contractions or something that weekend, but nothing at all! We had a nice weekend visiting with Jesse's brother and family who were down from South Dakota and I felt really good, especially for being 41 weeks. Apart from the bad morning sickness the first 16 weeks of pg, this has been a great pregnancy.

We arrived at the little hospital (about 20 miles from home) at 9 and got checked in. At 10pm they hooked me up to the pit and checked me for dilation...I was still 2cm. The contractions started coming slowly and I tried to rest. We watched t.v. including the movie "Cool Hand Luke" with Paul Newman on TCM. The contractions kept on picking up through the night and despite being given a dose of benydryl to sleep, I wasn't able to. Jesse got a couple of hours later on but when the contractions started getting really strong I had him help me by applying counter pressure to my back and holding my hand. By about 4AM I asked for some help with the pain as I was having hard time managing the contractions. With the pit I wasn't able to leave the bed and had to use a toilet that they rolled right up to the bed. They had to monitor the baby constantly. She seemed to be tolerating everything okay so far, but I was feeling pretty miserable. They called the anestheiologist (this is a small town hospital so not one on staff at all times) and he arrived about 5am. At this time they checked me again and I was a good 6-7 cm and could tell I was going to be entering transition. I was getting very shaky. He put in the cath and applied the medicine and it slowly began to take effect. The baby seemed to be troubled by the meds and the doctor applied a monitor to her head and broke my water at the same time. Her heartrate stabilized.

I felt better for a couple of hours but about 7 the epi began to wear off and I started to feel the intense contractions and pressure. They decided to let it be so I could feel to push...I sure hoped it would be soon. They checked me and I was 9cm with a lip but feeling an extreme need to push. I was told to breathe through them and they would get the doctor. The pressure would come and go with the contractions and I was having a very hard time. I laid on my side and as soon as the doctor showed up I started to push while she was setting up the stirrups on my bed. One big push later and out came baby's head....she had the cord around her neck so the doctor told me not to push while she cut it. One more push and she was out! I was so thrilled to see that little head and pink face. They took her to clean her up and I finished delivering the placenta. They gave her to me right away after that. I had one small tear that didn't need any stitches but overall felt really good. I am so happy to be holding little Anna and praise God for this new miracle in our family!

She's here!!!!

Baby Anna Rose arrived at 7:43am yesterday, October 13th. She is 7lbs, 21 inches and has lots of dark hair. We hope to go home this evening and I will post some pictures then. We are both doing great!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gorgeous Autumn

The trees are starting to change here, it is so pretty! There is a particularly beautiful red Maple by the elementary school.


Thomas has the cutest pair of yellow rain boots (acquired from Goodwill!) that he absolutely adores. If they are not put up he wants to wear them, although they are too big for him. I had them under his dresser but the dog pulled them out yesterday.

Appt update

40 w and 3 d pregnant...about 2 cm dilated and 25% effaced....I had a NST today which took a long time as the nurse couldn't get a good reading. The baby was moving alot. I finally did pass and they let me go home. I was getting nervous that they were going to make me stay put. Here is my 40 week picture:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Julia gets to share her birthday month!

13 years ago on October 23 my adorable little Julia Paige was born....very tiny (6lbs 11oz) with a little bit of brown hair on her very round head. She was Grandpa Branam's angel for 18 months (he died in June of 1997). He absolutely doted on his little Julia and she loved Papa.

Recently my sister and I braved the darkened recesses of a Hollister store so that she (my extremely thoughtful sis) could buy Julia a birthday present. Julia will be beyond thrilled to receive something from her favorite store.

Julia was born 11 days past her due date, so why should I expect anything different from her little sister. Little Sis will be so fortunate to have a wonderful Big Sis like Julia to look up to!

Big I come!!!

Ahhhh! This is the life!

What a spoiled dog!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Due Date to me!!!

Today is my due date!!! Cherrie has one more day here and she is sad to miss the birth, but we sort of figured that would happen. We have had a great time and the kids have really enjoyed having their Aunt here, too. We are trying to plan a get together for next summer, maybe meet half-way somewhere (we're thinking Wyoming!). We went out for pizza last night and I was hoping something spicy would put me into labor (yeah, right), so maybe we'll try Mexican food today. I can tell things are starting to happen, albeit slowly. I was dilated 1-2 at my last ob appt. If nothing happens by Sunday night (12th), I will go in and be started on pit, to have her on Monday (13th)...and yes, we still don't have a name!!! Jesse has today off after 3 days of night shift, he is exhausted.

Anyway, we have had a great time playing Apples to Apples (Cherrie brought the game), making lots of food (she is a wonderful cook) and just visiting! I am sad to see it go by so fast!!!