Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Days go by...

I got a nasty headache last night and went to bed early (for me)...Jesse and I were watching Star Trek (nexgen) and I couldn't even finish the episode (although I've seen every one more than once)..it was that bad, lol. This morning I woke up with nausea and the remains of the headache which ibuprofen didn't even touch. I hope I am not going to be prone to migraines as I go into my 40's...I turn 40 this year. My Grandma started getting them in her 40's and mom said that she was bedridden because of them at times. I took some multidolphilus to try and help the nausea.

It is a really nice day out...I planted another bush and a mum. I am not going to plant anything else though. We haven't heard back from the bank yet, so a waiting game, as usual.

Alicia is starting to really slack off on homework..didn't get it done yesterday. I have to cut out the computer time (she has a game where she designs clothing that she loves) and make her get the homework done right away. She also went to a friend's house yesterday and watched a movie, so I really wasn't paying enough attention-obviously. I will be glad when school is over and I will have them all home again.

We are continuing to read Oliver Twist, it is fun. Sometimes the language really curfoodles us though:) I will read a passage and the kids will say huh???!!!

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