Friday, May 16, 2008


Julia has been wanting to make cream puffs for a long voila! We cheated and used frozen pastry puff dough but they were delicious and very rich.

Sleeping beauties...

Daddy and Garrett snoozing after dinner last night.

We have a house:)

We found a nice, old farmhouse in a little town in Iowa and it is ours!! YAY!! more updates to come!

20 weeks

I won't be officially 20 weeks until Sunday but here are some pictures taken today.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Crazy fun on the way to the beach

It was a hot, windy ride as our van has no a/c and it is about an hour drive.

More pictures

Julia got a new camera and gets some very cute pictures of Thomas! He has a messy pizza face in the first two and is chewing on his plastic sword in the next one.

Mother's Day Fun!

We made yet another jaunt to the beach on Mother's Day! Trying to visit a couple more times before we leave for good. It was extremely windy but warmer than the last time we went. The kids were able to enjoy the water and collect lots of shells. Thomas was terrified of the waves at first but settled in to digging in the sand later. It was a fun Mother's Day weekend all in all...Friday night we took the kids out for pizza at Cici's and then Saturday some friends threw me a surprise baby shower. It was so wonderful and thoughtful! Sunday after the beach, Jesse and I went to a dollar movie which was fun. We enjoyed driving around Altamonte Springs and downtown Orlando before going to see the movie. We love to do that but the kids are huge fans of our leisurely drives, lol.