Thursday, March 11, 2010

A new address....

Here is my brand new Blog:

A New Creation

Please join me over there!!!!

New blog

I cannot get this one to work so I am moving...well update with new blog address soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My blog has been acting up so I haven't been able to post...I think it is infected. We shall far so good.

I felt *today* the way that I felt when I bring home a new baby...tired, unable to complete a task with monumental tasks in front of me but happy to be home. Thomas and Anna both have the flu? and are cranky and miserable so I have been holding them. Julia is sick, as well, and I miss my good helper. We did manage to unload (most ) of the camper and get some laundry done. The house is a miserable disaster but I hope a few days will alleviate that. We utilized the local laundry mat to get mega loads of laundry done, but I still have quite a few to go. We had a nice trip although peppered with some sickness. I guess it was time, we really had not been sick all winter (up until Feb.). I enjoyed soaking up the Florida sunshine and seeing the gorgeous green grass, trees, shrubs and flowers. It was fun to see old friends, also. I am so thankful that God brought us home safe and sound. So many risky driving situations when you travel 1500 miles. We did encounter quite a few wrecks and one looked exceptionally awful. We returned to melting snow...Spring may possibly come in a few months here in the frozen North...maybe.

We're Home!!!!

More later.......