Thursday, December 31, 2009


My big ol sweetie.

I am a major cat lover (much to my dh's chagrin!) and recently adopted this mammoth stray. He is such a dear...very laid back and loving.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My sister's pictures..

she is a wonderful photographer. She took the one of Garrett (below) when she was visiting for Thanksgiving. Here are a few more of my favorites..courtesy of Cherrie...1. Her 9 yr old son Brecken standing on a dock at Southwood park 2. Anna Rose 3. Robin and Cherrie at the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha 4. Grandma Linda and Cherrie's son Laken, age 3 Looking at the pictures I can't believe how fast Autumn turned into Winter!

Today is sunny.

and me thinks I just might make it through another Iowa winter if the sun continues to can be sub-zero and 40 mph winds, but if the sun is shining I will survive. I will never get used to Iowa winters, although I have now lived in Iowa for almost as long as I lived in Texas (well, don't count the 4 winters in Florida-so I guess the south wins anyway). I loved Florida winters and I love Iowa spring and summers, so if I could be a little, old snowbird it would be just perfect.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I am in awe that Garrett will turn 6 tomorrow. I was first in awe when I got pregnant with him shortly after a heartbreaking miscarriage in Feb 2003. Next I was in awe to find out that I was having a little boy after 11.5 years and 4 girls:) I couldn't wait to drag out my box of little boy clothes again. Thirdly I was so in awe when he was born on Dec. 29, 2003, 4 days after Christmas, his beautiful little fair face, bright blue eyes and head of downy blonde hair looking so much like an angel. Finally, I continue to be in awe daily of my little man and give thanks for his sunny smile, happy disposition and wonderful imagination. It is just so fun to have him as my son. Happy Birthday Dear Garrett!!!!

More pictures from Christmas

Colton bought a PS3 with his own money before Christmas and I got him a game to play on it. He also got the movie Dark Knight, a flashlight for his car, some mittens and hat from Grandma and some underwear, socks and tee shirts. Carlina got a bed spread, cute owl pillow (she is collecting owls), game for her ds (we opened the game case and it was empty! I called Amazon and they are sending one asap...good thing about using Amazon!), jammie bottoms and socks. Julia got a comfy bathrobe, jammie bottoms, bible and makeup. Alicia got a pretty dark blue DS, DS accessories, game for DS and a webkinz, Katie got a webkinz, stuffed puppy, book, tea set from Grandma, Garrett and Thomas got a race car track that didn't work! Jesse gave it to them Christmas Eve so he could play with them (he had to work on Christmas) . He ran to Target and exchanged it for one that did work (hopefully)...and it did. The boys also got legos, lightning mcqueen semis and a hotwheels set from Grandma. Anna got a Strawberry Shortcake doll and a cute shape sorter. It was a fun Christmas. I enjoyed reading One Wintry Night to the kids. It is an awesome book that tells the Christmas story from the very beginning (Genesis) and has gorgeous illustrations. We had a great Christmas and it went by very quickly as it usually does. I am so thankful that Jesus came to earth to be my Savior and look forward to celebrating His birth each year.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snowy Christmas

This Christmas is what my children dreamed of for 4 years in Florida...SNOW and lots of it! It started with an ice storm on Wed. We left to go to Grandma's early...we thought we might not make it over if we waited. We went to my mom's (about 10 miles away) for lunch (a delicious meal of enchiladas and tacos) and fun fellowship including a game of Phase 10. Around 5pm we headed over to Jesse's mom's place (another 10 miles further on). The roads were terrible, icy and very slippery. Debi and Jewel were already there and Lori and girls headed over later. Christmas Eve night it began to really snow. We had fun doing white elephant exchanges Christmas Eve and the kids did play for awhile outside, but it was really too windy and miserable. Jesse had managed to get Christmas Eve off and he was really thankful. The guys who made it in Christmas Eve were stuck at the plant for 36 hours! Jesse went to work about 4pm Christmas Day and brought the guys some goodies. Christmas Day was fun....lots of gifts and playing. We had a delicious lunch of prime rib roast and spent most of the 4 days that we were at Grandma's baking goodies. Lori made a gingerbread house and gingerbread stable and manger cute!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Jesse is off to work this morning and I am up preparing for the day (and typing on my blog). I didn't feel very well this morning but am feeling a bit better as the morning goes on. I hope I am not coming down with something before Christmas!

I see on the Weather Channel that a big blizzard is hitting East coast. Yikes! I think we are going to be getting some snow this week, I hope it isn't as bad as the last wallop. People in NY are stuck in the airport for awhile it appears....a real life planes, trains and automobiles.

I need to figure out a better idea for my kitties. I've now got 4 of them running around inside and it's making some members of the household crazy! I also feed 2 strays outside! Jesse wants them all outside and I need to figure out a way to keep them warm. I'm thinking about getting a dog house or 2 on the porch.

Well, I need to put my chicken in the oven. Have a great day!

Friday, December 18, 2009


New hair cut for me!! Ahhh! I am 10 lbs lighter:)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Jesse and I are looking at a house that was built in 1911 (Which happens to be the year an airplane landed on a boat for the first time!). It is a fabulous old house with original electrical wiring, a large billiard room, gorgeous stucco on the outside and an extensive unfinished basement filled with dusty law books. It is just the size of house that a family like ours needs to breath. Don't get me wrong...I have not stopped giving thanks for the house we are in. It was just the ticket for us after surviving bankruptcy in Florida and needing a reasonably priced place to live close to family. But, it does feel a bit tight inside and out. We are praying that God will provide a larger place for us, if it is His will and if not, I am fine with that. We are working on paying off 2 outstanding debts and then we will see what is in store for us. Here is a picture of the place know as the Bennett House.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


How fast the years go...Garrett will be 6 on Dec. 29th. We celebrated his and Carlina's 16th birthday (on Dec. 4th), on Sunday. He was so excited to open his gifts. His expressions were priceless.

Here is Garrett when he was 4 months old. He was such a happy little guy, always smiling.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thomas trouble

A couple of days ago my 3-year old choked on an orange. It wasn't too scary..I was right there and helped him yuk it up and spit it out. Since then he has been afraid to eat and swallow. He will drink liquids and I have gotten him to eat yogurt, but nothing else. He seems to be fine (he ate quite a bit of yogurt today), but it is still a worry to me. I hope time will ease his fears and he will start eating regularly soon. I researched on the web and found quite a few similar cases, so I guess it is common. It is new to me though. I would appreciate prayers for Thomas if you see this!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow day/tiny house/stir crazy

Everyone is stir crazy! We have been hit with a big blizzard, frigid air and below zero wind chills. As a result we are all inside and driving each other nuts! Our "doll house" is home to 10 people, 4 cats and 1 dog....

On the subject of a small house, I actually don't mind, most of the time. It is fairly quick and easy to clean, but we can't have lots of clutter or it overruns us. If someone wants peace, they may have to retreat to the bathroom (there are actually 2). Noone has their own room except for Colton.

Jesse had to work last night and said his feet were the only things that got cold. His boots are not waterproof and got wet due to walking through the deep snow. It is hard to find waterproof, steel toed boots and he is required to have steel toes. The battery went dead on the suburban, so he had some hardship in that respect.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Slow evening

I am sitting here watching Pixar shorts on ABC family, also babysitting 2 little boys for my friend while she helps out with AWANA. I do that every Wed. night. Pixar is so creative...I loved Up which I just watched for the first time recently. Anna went to sleep, but I don't think she will stay down for the night. She is a terrible sleeper, so much like Colton at that age. He was up every hour for a long time...just a very light sleeper. He still says that he has trouble sleeping at age 17.

Carlina turns 16 on Friday. We took her to Panda Express in Omaha on Monday and it was pretty good. Jesse had the hot and sour soup which was awful, everything else was decent. We are having a combined party on Dec. 13 for her and Garrett who turns 6 on the 29th. Neither child was due in Dec. Carlina was due Nov. 23 and Garrett was due Jan. 3. I sometimes feel that Garrett gets cheated as his birthday is shortly after Christmas, but we try.

Last night I was sitting outside watching the stars in the cold air, waiting for Bible Study. It was such a beautiful night and I felt like God was right there with me. Sometimes I think about all the wonderful things I will do with Him for eternity. I hope and pray that all my family and kids are there too. We will have an amazing time...forever. Like Kay Arthur says "Time is short, but eternity is forever."

Well, tomorrow I am going shopping with the church ladies. Will be picked up at 7am sharp. Anna is going along, I hope she makes it. It is a marathon time. Jesse is picking me up in town at 7:30 pm. I won't be able to keep going to midnight or whenever they stop. We are having lunch at the Olive Garden...yum!

December rush begins...

I am trying to complete at least one Christmas job every day. Yesterday I got 17 Christmas cards off. I have more that I need to work on, but it felt good to get some off. We are keeping our gift giving pretty basic so shopping shouldn't be too hard. The kids will get one larger gift and 1-2 smaller ones. Colton wants a video game, he is planning on buying a PS3 with his own money. Carlina wants a new bedspread, Julia is getting a cookie press from Pampered Chef and a new Bible, Alicia wants a Nintendo DS (she is putting $70 of her own money towards it), Katie wants a Webkinz and a Tamagotchi, Garrett & Thomas are getting a racecar set and Anna will be getting a book from Usborne. Jesse would like the Bible on CD. We still need to get a tree and get some lights up and then its baking time!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We studied the Church of Sardis tonight at Bible Study. It was a dead church filled with unbelievers. They cared more for material wealth than spiritual wealth. They were concerned with social issues but neglected salvation, even their own. Their society was much like ours...very wealthy and craving luxury and ease.

I wonder how many churches exist like that today in America? I imagine quite a few. Here is an interesting article about how a church should disciple and change those around them: