Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun and mess..

The upstairs is a disaster right now. We are throwing away Colton's bunk bed (it is junk) and moving Julia's bed into his room. Then Alicia and Julia are getting Garrett and Thomas's bunk bed (turning them into 2 twins). That makes for a lot of chaos upstairs. I don't know when the bathroom work will start, possibly this week.

Continuing to enjoy Bible Study. I am learning so much about God's grace and it makes me extremely thankful. Our human minds cannot even begin to comprehend the grace of God, it is beyond our reason.

My friend, Bonnie, just had her 2nd surrogate baby for an infertile couple. That is God's grace working through her. She had a little boy for them first and now a little girl 18 months later. What an incredible gift to give someone.

I continue to watch all of the crazy things happening in this world. I have mentioned Bible Prophecy Today before. It is a good pro-Israel resource with lots of contributors.

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