Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can a family of 10 get by with one bathroom?

Well...yes!! Contrary to what HGTV says (uhhh..1.3 bathrooms per person?), it can be done! It helps to look on the positive side when considering such an adventure. Here are some positives:
1. Less to clean (saves time and money)
2. One must learn patience (especially early in the morning or after church!)
3. A great gathering place...this time before church, when all are getting ready.

Our very first house had one bathroom. This wasn't a problem for newlyweds at all. We lived there until we had 3 children (only 1 potty trained when we moved out.) Our next house had 2 bathrooms...we were so spoiled to actually have a master bath!! When we moved out we had renovated the basement with another bathroom, but we didn't get to enjoy that. Then in Florida, our house had 4 bathrooms! That was craziness!! The next house we were down to 1...that was a hard adjustment after we are at one once again and loving it:)

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Joy said...

People now a days are skewed in their beliefs of what they "need" as use that as a reason to stop having kids because "they can't afford it"