Saturday, April 11, 2009

Going to Grandmas

Today we are headed over to Jesse's mom's for lunch and to visit with Uncle Joe, Aunt Sam and cousins. They don't get to come down very often, so we are excited to see them. It is a beautiful day out...sunny and already pretty warm (for us, anyway!). We had a wonderful Good Friday service last night. Did lots of praising God with hymns, heard a wonderful message by the Pastor and watched a short video of 2 famous Easter songs.

Grandma S. took Alicia, Katie, Thomas, Anna and I shopping yesterday. We went to Target and she bought Katie an Easter dress, Alicia 2 shirts, and myself a shirt. She also took us out to lunch...we had a great time!!!


MelanieA said...

Back to Target?? Nice to have your mom to shop with!

Robin said...

Yes, Target again!!! I was afraid the employees would think I was stalking them!