Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Mom was so sweet and brought over oranges, yogurt, bananas etc. for us. I loved the orange, so good for a cold. She also brought over some "airborne"...that fizzy stuff that boosts your immunity.

Right now Jesse is running a tractor out back, leveling the driveway to get ready for a load of rock. Currently, all that exists back there is dirt, so when it rains...it is a mess. I am so thankful for the rock! A friend from church is a farmer and has a semi, he picked up the rock for us.

Anna was so sweet and happy today....made being sick practically a piece of cake. Hope tonight is as good!!!

I have been trying to figure out what I still need for next year for school. I want to get a Bible Curriculum from Abeka, some books from Sonlight, some preschool stuff from My Father's World and more.

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