Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Aren't we all at a loss (at times) when it comes to sharing our faith with others? I like this analogy...it really expresses the urgency surrounding witnessing:

If your neighbor's house was on fire and he was in danger, wouldn't you tell him? That's just the case here spiritually. Many of our family members, our neighbors, people we meet every day are living a life that will end in destruction unless someone shares the hope of Christ with them. (Creativebiblestudy.com)

I want to explore some things that make witnessing easier....it will never be comfortable (to most) but God will lead us, through the Holy Spirit. He will help us know what to say and when to say it.

Here is the Bridge to Life illustration. It is really simple and straightforward. You can print this out and give it to people.

More to come.


Luke said...

Robin, I think the house of fire analogy is highly flawed because people are very happy to be saved from immediate/known danger.

The problem arises because people don't believe/accept that there is danger.

So, a different analogy that sheds light on why it is so difficult to evangelize would be trying to convince your neighbor that he needs to stop using his microwave because it is killing him and his family.

"But I like my microwave," your neighbor replies. "And I'm happy with it. And everyone else is using their microwaves just fine. I think you're a kook and just trying to disrupt my good life. Besides, there are plenty of medical studies that show your view to be wrong."

I think what would make witnessing easier was a truly visible, external, radical life change that comes from God's goodness poured in our lives and leads us to true humility and joy and love. ...unfortunately, sinful man that I am, I don't exhibit those traits very well at all.


Robin said...

Hi, Luke! I appreciate your comments. I like your microwave analogy. I guess I figured the "fire" comparison is really for the person doing the witnessing. I agree that most don't realize there is any danger. We must not give up. What a beautiful description in your last paragraph of a person transformed by God...