Friday, April 17, 2009

How did I end up in this chair..and other odd ???'s

This morning I was drugged and had a stick with a light on it shoved down my throat!!

Okay, it wasn't against my will and it took place at a Surgery Center. I even have pictures of my shiny esophagus! For the past several weeks I have felt like there is something in my throat. Yesterday I went to my family doctor and she referred me to a GI in SC. Thus, today he was looking down my throat and finding....(a fir tree? watermelon plant?), nothing except some excess acid. Yucky. I am supposed to start taking some acid reducing medicine. I am still not sure what the problem is. I still feel like there is something there and have pain after I eat (this has been going on for a couple of days). My mom suggested I start taking I will do that and see how it goes.

It was gorgeous today (70!) and we walked to the Library. The town has seemed to come alive with the warmth. There are people everywhere..walking, riding bikes, playing in the park. Life is good!!!

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Joy said...

Yikes! Glad it was nothing serious.