Saturday, April 4, 2009

Long day

Friday was a very long day...especially for dh. He worked all night (Thursday) and then went to the dentist with me (about 1.5 hr away) the next morning. I had 2 more teeth filled. After a brief stop at the mall for lunch we returned home. We picked the girls up at school and took Katie out for a birthday dinner at Pizza Hut...she turned 8 today!!! Then headed over to our Homeschool Presentation Fair. We presented our "Jeopardy" with Colton portraying Woodrow Wilson, Carlina portraying Theodore Roosevelt and Julia portraying Thomas Jefferson. Carlina had concocted eyes, mustache and eyebrows and taped them to her face...very funny. After the fair we ate goodies and then helped clean up then home! Jesse was so glad for much needed rest.

Katie got some birthday money from Gran M and bought a cute Webkinz puppy. Besides the bunny we also got her 2 badly needed nightgowns from the Children's Place. There appears to be a blizzard headed our way, so her party on Sunday (shared with cousin J who turns 7 on the 4th) might be cancelled.

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Debbie said...

Happy B-day to her!