Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Katie turns 8 tomorrow!! She is not too happy with her birthday present at the moment as it bit her very hard this morning. She had sticky, gooey honey bun on her hand, so the bunny wasn't being mean...just hungry! Awhile back I never thought I would have Katie. After Alicia was born, Jesse and I decided that our family was complete. We had the 4 kids that we always wanted. However, the summer of 2000 I was taken completely by surprise when (in Metropolis, Ill on a family trip) I took a pregnancy test and found out that #5 would be joining us the following Spring. We were thrilled and when Katie was born, thanked God that He knew better than us. After that we have left things to Him in that respect and Katie has been joined by 3 younger siblings so far.

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