Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shopping and more

We decided to make our Walmart trip yesterday so we left about 5 pm. Jesse had to work so he couldn't come much to his chagrin (lol). Julia has been looking for boots so we stopped at Target...all we found were a small pile of them in the bargain aisle (nothing she liked ) and a whole wall of new flip flops. Hey, people this is Iowa not Florida! I told Julia she will have to start shopping for boots in August this year. We drove through McD's and ate off the dollar menu...cheeseburgers and mcchickens:) Then on to Walmart. It was pretty empty...probably because it was only 3 degrees out. Katie wants to make homemade Valentines this year so we got construction paper and glue sticks, Garrett got some Spiderman Valentines. Anna cried the whole way home (40+ miles) which was sad. I had the kids bring in all the groceries since I had to tend to Anna and Thomas at home. They did okay except for the frozen celery I discovered in the back of the suburban this morning.

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