Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ankle better...

Thank goodness! For 2 days I thought it was broken because I couldn't put any weight on it. Now it feels *almost* like new. I always take for granted my health and mobility and am trying not to. I really had to rely on everyone for those 2 days or crawl around and do things myself. I guess it is good to run in to those things once in swings back your focus to the One who made you and your reliance on Him. I feel so sorry for atheists....they are all on their own.

I have been depressed a bit lately. Some friends are going through trying times and Jesse's job is getting me down. It is not a Christian atmosphere(just the opposite....almost like the pit of hell)...he is the only Christian on his shift and he deals with tons of profanity, sexual language, etc. etc. They are all drinkers, smokers, druggies. I am praying that God gives him the strength to be a light or removes him from the situation. The worse man that Jesse was working with has been fired and that was a huge answer to our prayers. He was terrible and always bugging Jesse. Jesse has found that he has to separate himself on break or be exposed to all that garbage. Jesse likes the work, it is just all the other stuff that go along with it. God knows what Jesse can handle and will ultimately do what is best for him and our family.

I went to the dentist and have scheduled all my appointments. All my "white" fillings are falling apart and she wants to replace them with silver fillings. I have always had bad teeth and don't expect any good news when I go to the dentist. I have spent countless hours in that torture chair.

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cherrie said...

I am so sorry robin--hope things at work improve for him.