Monday, February 2, 2009


Anna has been sick for 2 days and I am tired! She doesn't have a fever but is extremely fussy and has not wanted to nurse. I have been in pain from the less frequent nursing, to boot. She seems to be doing better tonight. Garrett was also sick today...he woke up last night with a bad earache and had a fever and cough today, so I kept him home from school.

It was a nice, sunny day but got cold this evening. I went with Julia to take the dog for a walk and forgot my hat. My ears were so cold! It is 3 degrees right now but the corn burner is going strong. Hopefully Jesse will stay warm tonight at work. So far we have had more snow to date then they have had the entire season last year. Welcome to Iowa!!!!

Mom is coming home tomorrow; back from taking Grandma to her new home in Arizona. I am excited to see her. Jesse's mom also got back from Florida this weekend along with his sister and her 2 girls

Dog got out again this afternoon. Jesse and I were at the store and he was out on his chain. Apparently he got off of his chain (I guess Carlina did not make sure the leash was properly attached to the collar). He ran after the neighbor girls and knocked Madi down. I was very upset and told the kids that his days are numbered if the neighbors call the police again. He likes Madi but is too big and friendly, not mean.

Julia made cookies today and helped Katie make some more in the we have peanut butter cookies coming out our ears. They are the no-bake kind and really good.

I really need to get to Walmart and stock up on groceries for the next couple of weeks. Maybe if Jesse feels up to it we will go tomorrow.


Fiona Donnelly said...

hope everyone is better soon and you get to catch up with some sleep!

cherrie said...

sorry bobbin
I have been in bed myself with diarrhea):
hope everyone recovers soon