Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I finally took him to the doctor again yesterday (3rd time). This time he had an ear infection and low iron and other blood counts. So we have him on antibiotics again and I got some new multi-vitamins to try to coax him to take. He did not enjoy having blood taken...there were 4 of us holding him down. Jesse was able to come, too, which was great. Hopefully we can get him well....he's been sick for too long. He is 38lbs still...which is the same from last time....it sure seemed like he has been losing weight, he is so skinny...but I guess not.

We visited mom and Terry afterwards. She made delicious chili and muffins. Mom is going to work on Easter/wedding dresses for Katie and Alicia. I am going to buy some material for Alicia soon but have Katie's. It is blue and white checked and so cute.

In my homeschool devotional it was saying how God holds teachers/leaders highly responsible for what they teach...that goes for parents and the Word of God. We need to make sure our kids have a thorough grounding in His word and not leave that task to Sunday school or even Bible curriculums...we need to be talking to them daily.

I am going to try to budget my food money better in March. Often I get to the end of the month and we really have to be creative!!! We made homemade pizza last night which was delicious but I am looking forward to the paycheck on Fri so I can get some groceries and many other needed items.

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