Sunday, February 15, 2009

I love being at home...

Seriously. This year I have cut way back on activities. We are too far from a big city to go very often, so that helps. No dance this year...that was extremely time consuming. Also, no girl scouts and no homeschool co-op. I am in a homeschool group that does a field trip once a month but that is nothing compared to the once a week thing I used to go to. The kids haven't suffered! We spend a lot of time reading together, listening to music, playing games, making food, etc. It is wonderful! All doctor appointments are local (except my doc is 20 mi away and Carlina's orthodontist is 40 mi) as well as the dentist (except for mine, again, which is 80 mi away). I really love being at home and taking care of business here. I can't say I am ever caught up but when I am away nothing gets done. I guess I am becoming more and more of a homebody and it is great! Jesse's dad did get moved farther away, so we will have to figure that in, but we visit him as a family. That is my have all activities family activities.

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