Monday, March 2, 2009


The weekend went by fast as it always does. Yesterday we went to church and then Grandma (Merriel) came over afterwards. She brought chicken and lots of other goodies from the local store in town and we feasted. Everyone is always starved after church. Garrett is doing tons better and I am so thankful. Julia stayed home due to a cold and several others have colds as well. Anna has been coughing, it sounds so pitiful. Jesse got a call from his dad last night...he is so confused and it is as if he lives in a dream. He is very paranoid and upset. We really don't have any answers as to why he has gone downhill so fast. He saw the Alzheimers doctor 2 weeks ago and Debi is hoping to get some test results from them. We are planning on seeing him sometime this week.

Colton and Carlina went with 4 others from the youth group bowling and out to eat. They had a good time. The young people in the church are so wonderful and it has been a blessing for the kids. Colton is going on a youth trip to Calvary Bible College next week with the Pastor. He is still trying to decide what he wants to do after he graduates. He loves to write and really wants to be a writer but don't know if he can make a living doing that.

Jesse has been doing a Bible study with the pastor...really focusing on Grace and still trying to break down barriers in the mind and be able to teach others. The Pastor really teaches right from the Bible.

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