Saturday, March 14, 2009


Jesse is very upset at the way things are going at the nursing home. Since Grandpa has gone there, he has really deteriorated. Yesterday he tried to escape, then fell and then they sent him up to the hospital to be evaluated in the Psyche ward. He is so lost and confused. If only we had been able to keep him in his own home...but things were getting very touchy there and he was extremely depressed. I have read alot about Parkinson's dementia and it is awful. Similar in ways to Alzheimers but different, too. His quality of life is really terrible. In his moments of clarity he thinks that he is going to get better but every day he seems to get worse.

On a happier note, Alicia got her hair cut yesterday and it is so cute. She has so much hair. She got about 3 inches taken off. It is very wavy and bouncy.

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cherrie said...

love alicia's hair!!!! I feel like I am a cross between cheryl tiegs and a lioness at times