Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, taxes are that is a relief. Things have gotten easier since we are not farming (very complicated taxes ) or running our own business (also complicated). Although, there are still residue issues from the business like depreciation, etc. Next year should be really easy. We still have in our minds that we want to start another business...but look at the economy! Don't know when/if that will happen. Jesse wants to buy cheap tractors at auctions and fix them up to sell. His mom has the perfect place to do that, so maybe one day. We have been looking at buying some cabinets for storing homeschool stuff next year. I will be homeschooling 6 so will need lots of space. We went to Lowes. It is gorgeous here today, very sunny and warm! Must enjoy it before the next storm hits (Sat?). I have a cold, now. I thought I would miss it, but everyone had them and I guess I am just the last one to catch it, boohoo. Anna and Thomas seem a tad bit better today. Poor Jesse worked all night and then spent all day with me in SC doing taxes, etc. He is done for. We have a busy weekend coming up. Jesse's brother and family are coming down, wedding shower at church and having a family over after church on Sunday.

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