Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy work day...

Jesse was up so early this morning working on projects. The new cabinets look great and give me lots of room for bathroom and home school supplies. At one point the house was trashed but it has been put back together for the most part. Julia did touch-up painting...she loves to paint (walls) and it freshened things up. Jesse's brother and family decided not to come down due to a storm that is coming at us, plus he had to work on Sunday, so that is a bummer. I am fighting this cold and also trying to get Anna to nurse. She is so difficult. I haven't had this much trouble since Colton. I was always trying to devise new ways to get him to nurse. With her I have to sit on the edge of the bed and bounce up and down. She absolutely does not want to nurse on the right side and I really have to be clever. I remember fighting Colton until he was 9 months old and then I gave up. He was sooo much happier on the bottle and so was I. I have nursed each for different lengths of time, but Colton's was the shortest unless I can't perservere with Anna. The longest I ever went was 2.5 yrs with Katie. Carlina was 18 mo., Julia 15 mo., Alicia 2 yr, Garrett 2 yr, Thomas 2 yr..etc. Usually I lose my milk supply when I get pg and the nursing slowly tapers off until no milk (about 3 mo. pg).

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