Friday, March 20, 2009

My day....

I overslept! It was 7:30 when I got up and woke up Alicia and Katie. Everyone was sluggish this morning. Julia couldn't sleep last night due to a liter of Vault that she drank before bed...big mistake! She slept on the couch last night as did Garrett. Jesse came home about 8 and I was leaving at that time to take the girls to school. It was a cool, overcast day...not very nice.

A friend has back problems, so I planned to bring her a meal tonight. I made 2 Texas Sheet favorite! Later I made a huge portion of stir-fry to serve her family (9 people) and my family. I also brought her salad, fruit and ice cream to go with her cake.

I ordered new Bibles for the kids for Easter. Colton's is personalized with his name and I got covers for the girl's Bibles. Carlina's old Bible was done for. She wanted the NLT and I found a nice one. I hope they like them!

Just found out that Jesse's 4 Aunts will be visiting in May. Will be nice to see them again. They come from all over...Evelyn-Central Iowa, Jeanette-New Mexico, Mary-Washington State, Nancy-Florida. They are his dad's sisters.

Anna is growing up so fast. She wants to sit up and loves to look (okay, chew on) books. Her hair looked good finally wants to lay down!

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