Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ear infections..

Thomas has one in both ears and Anna has one in her right ear. Both very cranky and coughing lots. I hate to put them on antibiotics but it has been 3 days of misery and Garrett's antibiotics kicked his out right away. So we will see.....also, had dental appointments today. Katie was the only one with a cavity and just I am thrilled about that. Still working on how Carlina's bridge is going to happen....she will be getting braces off soon and will need something to fill that gap. Julia is getting an ortho consult refer and maybe by the Fall will be able to get in and get braces. All in all...exhausting day! Mom and Terry came over to help; Mom went to the doctor with me, too, which was great. Finally to top it all off, I found out my sister lost her job. Her clinic has been losing business due to the poor economy and they had to let several people go. I feel terrible for her...they were trying to save money to move. I would appreciate prayers for her and her family.

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