Monday, November 17, 2008


Mom and Terry left on Saturday, we had a great time and really enjoyed our games of Phase 10! It is a time consuming game...Terry won every time:) I love to play games with the kids, but don't often get the chance. Both Carlina and Julia are champion game players. We always have a good time at the other Grandma's on holidays when everyone gets together and plays games. Grandma, Lori and Debi have so many fun and interesting board games. More favorites are Mad Gab and Balderdash.

We have discovered that we can now let Oliver out by himself and he will actually come back to be let in. I think he gets cold after awhile. This is illegal as there is a leash law in town, but we have seen many dogs wandering around. I just don't want any complaints from neighbors either. We do this when we can't find the leash or early in the morning when I don't want to take him out. He is a smart dog, but I still wish we had a yard for him to be in!

Had a good message at church about God being good. Our pastor broke his shoulder on a trip to Brazil and had many interesting stories to tell...esp about healthcare in another country. We draw closer to God through trials and tribulations and really experience His goodness. We don't think about it as much when things are going smoothly for us.


Joy said...

I love the new photos of the kids, Anna is getting big already.
I've been looking for ideas for board games to get for Christmas, I will be checking out your favs!

cherrie said...

how did he break his shoulder??
i wish i could see anna!!

Robin said...

Thank you, Joy!! I can't believe Anna is 5 wks already!

Cherrie-wish you could see Anna, too! Pastor got hit by a big wave while boogie boarding in the ocean!