Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving thoughts...

Last year in November we were still living in Central Florida. We had decided to go camping at Ft. Wilderness Campsite @ Disney over Thanksgiving. We had reservations and were getting our camping gear together. Then, at the last minute, we decided to make the trip back to Iowa for Turkey Day. We cancelled our reservations, packed our stuff, rented a van (ours would never have made the 1,500 mile trip) and took off. November in Florida is very warm, but Iowa is a different story. Only a few of us even owned heavy coats, but we knew family would lend us whatever we needed. On the way up, Katie got dreadfully sick with a stomach flu. She vomited and had terrible diarrhea. We ended up stopping at Walmart ( in Tennessee) to buy her new clothes and underwear, poor thing! Once to Iowa, the virus made its way through about half of us...I remember Alicia sleeping on the couch during most of the visit. Fast forward a year....Alicia was sick the Sunday and Monday before Thanksgiving with the stomach flu, Thomas sick on Tues and now Carlina sick on Thanksgiving! She said that she threw up 10 times last night. So, Carlina, Anna & I are home today. She is sleeping on the couch and I am eating pumpkin pie. I made 2 yesterday and they left one home for us!!! I hope noone else gets it, but it seems to be so contagious! Jesse and kids will be coming home early because he has to work tonight and needs to sleep. We watched the parade this morning and some football. It is a beautiful sunny day in the 40's...hope you are enjoying the day!!!!

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