Monday, November 24, 2008

Nice day....

Alicia was very sick yesterday and stayed home from school today, although she felt better. It was sunny and in the 40's...

We had a pretty good day at home, although I ran to the grocery store twice! I can't seem to prepare ahead of time for meals lately! Colton is making hamburgers for dinner...he wants to add all kinds of things and I really have to "tone" that down. I got water and toilet paper the first trip and buns and frozen french fries the second.

Got Garrett's school pictures, they are so cute! He is always so exuberant after school..a happy guy...unless Colton bugs him (which is frequent!).

We don't have much to do for Thanksgiving. Probably will make a green bean casserole and a couple desserts. Looking forward to getting together with everyone.

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