Friday, November 14, 2008

Dinner out and 39 years...

Grandma and Grandpa took us out to our local restaurant last night for a Birthday celebration dinner. We all enjoyed fish and prime rib (adults) and chicken strips (kids).

I have been thinking about the high (and lowlights) of my 39 years on this Earth...

1. My birth, 39 years ago in Gladewater, Texas (a homebirth in Lee Apartments)...I was blessed with a loving and caring mother and father who raised me with devotion and compassion and taught me about God.

2. The birth of my sister...a bit over 3 years later, Cherrie Laura made her entrance on Jan 30th. I thank God for her every day.

3. My best friend from Kindergarten on...Wendy. Without her I would not have made it through school; she was a support, always there for me.

4. I was saved and baptized in April of 1990 at the age of 20. This of course was the turning point of my whole life. Every breath, minute, day, blessing comes from Him, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

5. I was married to my best friend, Jesse, on July 29, 1990 and we have been married for over 18 years. God has given me the most wonderful husband and I am so thankful.

6. The birth and life of each one of my 8 children and the loss of my two little loss, heaven's gain.

7. The further understanding of God's gift of grace over a life of works....I am thankful for the changes instituted by the Worldwide Church of God which lifted a burden and gave me peace.

8. The sudden loss of my Dad in May of 1997. He was a terrific father and grandfather and I miss him greatly.

9. The reevaluation of priorities after "losing it all" in Florida. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. only brought our family closer and is helping us lead a more simple life.

10. All the wonderful friends and family who are in my life and who have been in my life through the years...Texas, Iowa, Florida are where I met most of these wonderful people.

11. My walk through the dark valley of depression...I have been there several times and don't wish it on anyone, but I have also learned so much.

Life is a gift and an adventure!

Thank you God for each and every day!!!!


Joy said...

Happy Birthday Robin. Life is good, even with all the ups and downs. I hope you had a great day.

cherrie said...

i can't believe you are 39--glad I can be counted as one of your blessings--you are the same for me

Paula Russell said...

Happy Birthday Robin!! I think of you often and hope that everyone is doing really well! You are such a beautiful soul and you have so much love to give your wonderful family. I hope your birthday was wonderful and your Holidays are full of joy!