Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Jesse and I have only been celebrating Christmas for 11 years. Why? That is another story for another post...but in short we grew up in the World Wide Church of God. All of our kids don't remember anything else; Colton was only5 when we first started keeping Christmas and had our first tree...a fake one borrowed from our neighbors. We have tried and continue to try to really make Jesus the focus of our celebration. We don't have any traditions passed down from our childhoods so we started a few of our own, like getting our Christmas tree on Carlina's birthday...which is December 4th. We keep presents to a minimum...only 2-3 per child. One larger thing and a couple of small things. I haven't shopped at all yet this year except for one thing...I ordered an outfit for Alicia's American Doll...that will be her big thing, those are so expensive. Jesus needs to be the focus of our whole life, not just in December, but it is special to really focus on his birth this time of year. More on this topic later.

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