Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Off to the city....

We hit the big city today....DH returned his work boots to Sears...he has only had them for 4 months and already the heel is worn out. He was able to exchange them for a better pair, plus picked up a couple of pairs of wool socks. He works out in the elements and Iowa can be unfriendly in the winter. Also ran to BK where DH left his debit card a few days ago after we went to the movies. Thomas barfed 2 times, so I think he picked up what Alicia had. I managed to get it all cleaned up, but what a mess. ( We had the exact same thing last year at this time. We were traveling to Iowa from Florida...first Katie got sick on the way up...then it worked its way through most all of us. Yucky!!!) Poor Thomas...he kept saying "Can I hold you?" which means he wanted me to get him out of his carseat and hold him. Another cute thing he does is look at a catalog and try to pick the toys up and says "Can I have it?"....ahhhh! Course a trip to the city wouldn't be complete w/o Walmart, which we hit as our last stop. It was packed. We got the stuff to make green bean casserole and pistachio fluff for Thurs, plus candied yams.

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