Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nursing and co-sleeping...

I was just reading how doing these two things in the first 2 months of a baby's life helps to regulate their central nervous system and seriously decreases the risk of SIDS. I have done both of these things with all my babies. The medical profession does encourage bf'ing but not least where I go, I just keep mum. Anna will sleep in her carseat for a small portion of the night, but mostly with me. Thomas still sleeps with us, too...Garrett "weaned" from co-sleeping at about 4 years of age. I am also thrilled that after having post-partum bleeding for almost 6wks, I am now free. Breastfeeding has allowed me to space my children really wonderfully and naturally. When I was in my 20's...about 2 years apart and in my 30's about 2.5 years apart. So I look forward to being af free for at least a year or more if I can continue bf'ing. Maybe I should be more anxious about this if I want to have any more children while in early 40's but I am leaving it in God's hands...each child is planned and sent by him at just the right time. Jesse and I have always relied on God for this except for when we first got married and were young and naive..didn't know what we were doing. I was on the pill for about 9 months and it made me ill. Also, after having severe post-partum depression in 1999 we used BC for awhile and conceived #5 while using it!! A true miracle from God:)

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