Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stressful mornings...

Sometimes I think I bit off more than I can chew having kids in school...the mornings can be chaotic!

It begins like this...Jesse's alarm goes off at 5am...I go up and wake him up..he has been sleeping upstairs due to a bad cold and thus coughing and snoring at night which wakes up the babies. Then I beat on Colton's door to take the dog out. I go back to bed until about 7am when I get Alicia, Katie and Garrett up. Thomas and Anna are usually up too so I enlist Julia to hold Anna and put Thomas on the couch with juice and public t.v. on. Carlina has to take the dog out at this time. I help Katie and Garrett pick out clothes (Garrett still needs help getting dressed, I really need to work with him) and then fix them cereal. I remind Alicia and Katie to get everything they need in their backpack and sign appropriate things. Thomas is crying for me as is Anna, but I have to rush out the door to drive the kids to school. Today Garrett had an accident before school and I had to help him get his clothes changed, plus find new shoes for him which can be impossible in this house! Ahhhh, to have a new baby in the summer and not have to worry about school....Thomas was born in June and that was great! Also, to have them all homeschooled would be good for morning routines. But not to be, this year anyway. I would love for Thomas to sleep in his own bed, but that hasn't happened yet. Anyway, I rush back home to motivate the big kids to get started with their school work. I have two stinky diapers to change and breakfast to get for all the laundry and dishes that await. I really love being a SAHM and all the things that I do but some mornings...ARRRGGGG!

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