Tuesday, September 16, 2008


School is going along for everyone and we seem to be in some sort of a routine...of course the new baby will throw everything into new chaos and make life really interesting. Thomas was born in June, so I wasn't dealing with school back when he was born...a perk of having a summer baby!

Colton-16 is obsessed with politics and tries to keep up with what is going on...he is also constantly animating with pivot on the computer. He works on his schoolwork in his room and comes out to eat or bother the girls occasionally. He is supposed to be doing SAT prep but I don't think he has done much.

Carlina-14 has been doing good...her nemesis is math but she seems to be doing okay. I am using Saxon for her this year. Next year will be Teaching Textbooks like Colton (he's doing geometry). She always has a book or works on the computer alot, writing her stories.

Julia-12 doesn't like school very much, she would rather converse with her (Florida) friends on the computer. She has done a bit of reading this year, more than the beginning of last year. She is really good about helping with the dog and just likes to be outside, riding her bike or making movies. She is very talented at making movies, they are really good.

Alicia-11 really likes 5th grade and is determined to stay in MVAO and go to Middle School next year. She has flip-flopped to so many schools...1 year in Bronson, 1 year in Columbia (Orlando), 2 years homeschooled, 1 year in Oviedo, FL and now in Maple Valley. She seems to have made some friends. Her trouble is organization and procrastination...she really struggles with this! Both Julia and Alicia have made friends in church which has really been nice.

Katie-7 is doing much better with her reading and spelling. She is reading on grade level now and amazes me that she never gets frustrated (even though she still struggles) and tries very hard. Her handwriting is improving, too. She says she may want to be homeschooled next year, we will see how she feels at the end of the year. They go to the library every day and we read the books she gets at night, she loves it.

Garrett-4 loves preschool He goes 3 days a week and is really having fun. Right now he is nuts about I Spy books and always brings those home from the library. He is really good at finding all of the little hidden pictures.

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cherrie said...

nice to see a blurb on everybody to know what is going on--what is pivot?