Friday, September 12, 2008


I really don't want the nasty stuff. I know my poor tired uterus doesn't want it either. With baby number 8 it could actually be harmful for me, although they slow the induction process down the more babies you have had. That said, I am praying for a natural, on-time, pain free (hey, you can ask!) labor! My last two labors have been induced with pitocin...Thomas at 10 days past due. I didn't have a single contraction until they actually got the pit going. Plus it necessitates an epidural for me. I have had 3 epi's and all have worked but there is always a risk. I truly admire those who have inductions without me it is pain beyond compare (as I found out while waiting for my epi on pit). I am starting to have a few more bh maybe there is hope for me yet. The earliest I have ever gone on my own was 2 days before my due date with Katie. I would love to have this little one on that time schedule...but she will be unique and make her own schedule (or the doctor will make one for her!).


Debbie said...

Well I have pitocin first was awesome...(my 3rd baby) My contrax started with 30-45 minutes which I was told by the nurse I would start feelingthem in about 60-90. Within 90 minuted I went from 3cm to 10cm and I olnly had to push 1 time! No pain. Well the next time was not that bad(my 5th) but al little longer than I hoped for and the babys HB kept dropping and pushing was so hard for me. Well good luck to you!

16 blessings'mom said...

Hi, I just found your blog, congratulations on expecting your eighth! I just thought I would leave you a comforting (hopefully!) note: I have given birth to 16 children, and have been induced for a few, and at least augmented with pitocin for the last few, as my uterus is starting to slow IS much more painful, but when you've had lots of babies, sometimes it's best to get it over with quicker, by inducing right from the start....those long drawn out labors can be exhausting....this is obviously not MEDICAL advise, just what I have experienced....BTY, I was induced with my 7th, overdue by a week, then had my 8th on my duedate, no drugs, very good you never know!


Robin said...

thanks debbie & della for your encouragement!!!