Friday, September 19, 2008

Appt update

I am 37w 4d today! The great news was that I tested negative for GBS! Hooray! Other news, is that I am still measuring small and she wants to have another ultrasound done next week. I am really not concerned at this point. I have measured small with past pregnancies (Carlina, Julia and Alicia) and they were just smaller babies....Carlina and Julia both 6'11" and Alicia 6'13". Plus they were all late (11 days past due for the first two and Alicia was 4 days overdue). I figure this little one will not be very large either and will probably want to come late as well. I guess I don't mind too much, but it is just one more 40 mile round trip to make. Baby's heartrate was good and she was impressed at my low blood pressure...the nurse thought I must be lightheaded to have it so low, lol. After the appointment I went out and ate a Big Mac...wonder what that did to my blood pressure?!

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cherrie said...

how low was your pressure chica?
eat some salt!! glad you are gbs negative!!