Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alicia's 11th Birthday

Sat, the 27th. We didn't do much, Jesse worked but brought home pizza from Caseys which was delicious! I took her with me when I went to the bank and got her a slushee at the gas station. Today, the 28th, we had a little party after church with family (Grandma, Lori, Debi and cousins, plus two friends from church). Jesse is working today, too. We had more pizza, cake, veggies, etc. and everyone had fun playing together. Jesse's mom's sister had just lost her husband to cancer and they were all headed to a viewing in SC after the party and then the funeral is Monday. I am not going to either, I don't really know them well. I can't find my camera but Debi took some pics so hopefully will email them to me. Alicia is putting her birthday money toward an American Doll, which we have ordered...I am helping her out with it as they are pricey! Hope she had a Happy Birthday!!

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