Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exhausting day...

Colton, Carlina, Julia and I went with our homeschool group on a field trip this morning. We toured the ANG base (185th Air Refueling Wing) . It was really interesting, we got to be inside one of the planes and see the spot where the boom operators (people who operate the refueling boom) actually lay down and do their job. There are 8 planes that operate from the base and 300 full time personnel.

This evening we had our Awana kick-off at the park. Thomas ran around like a little maniac and wore himself out. Garrett had stayed with Grandma all day and she brought him to the kick-off. He is in Cubbies this year. After getting home, eating and having his bath he fell asleep in less than a minute. Katie is in Sparks, Alicia in T&T, Julia in Trek. Colton and Carlina will go to Youth Group on Wed. nights.

I am worn out and so thankful that I get to stay home tomorrow!!!

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