Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm tired of the bickering. It always seems to accelerate around meal time. All I ask for is some peace, but seldom seems I get it. Colton and Julia are the two that fight the most. Colton will never admit that he is ever wrong and Julia knows just how to push his buttons. It is exhausting and seems never-ending. I have tried many methods but haven't found the perfect solution. I am trying to teach respect and selflessness. When a person has those, resolving conflicts are easy. Both Julia and Colton are Christians and I try to emphasize emulating their Lord, Jesus. I really need to pray more about it... with them and for them so we can have a peaceful household.


cherrie said...

brecken and gemma are always at each other and
sadie and laken--grrrrrrrr

Debbie said...

I hear ya...its Alyssa 6 and Brandon 4 who fight all the time. When they fight real bad I make them sit on the couch and hold hands. I tell them they will grow up to be the closest of the bunch.