Saturday, September 20, 2008

More musings...antibiotics, carseat...etc.

I started antibiotics for a uti on Wed...shortly after I started to feel kind of low. I found a link on the net that antibiotics are linked to depression...weird!!! I have to stay on them for 10 days and hopefully I will feel better after that. I don't feel that terrible, just not normal. I think it might be linked to my weirdly low blood pressure on Friday, too. Who knows?

Good news....we found a stroller/infant seat combo for cheap! It is not a double stroller but will work anyway. We have an umbrella stroller for Thomas. It was one that someone had returned to the store and then on clearance for $ an extra 20% off on we paid $108 for the set. It is an Evenflo Embrace 5. I am excited about having new stuff!! Someone had given me a used infant seat but it didn't have a base and smelled of smoke.

Jesse and Colton went to help a church member bale hay today and then we are headed over to his sister Debi's house to celebrate her dd's 19th birthday. Sarah graduated from HS in May and is going to college at USD. She also has wedding plans for May! Sarah was just a baby when Jesse and I got married, I feel old!!!

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cherrie said...

wow 19!!
when is the wedding?
sorry about the uti..didn't know depression was linked to antibiotics!!