Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunny and gorgeous!

Amazing how much difference the sun makes in everyone's moods and attitudes! When the sun is shining everyone is so much happier. It is supposed to be 40 degrees today which is almost balmy after the cold spells we have been having...of course, tomorrow it gets cold again. I am very thankful for today, though.

Just found out mom is going to be helping her mom (91 years old) move from PA to Arizona to live with her other daughter. Grandma has been in a rehab center recently and is not eating very well. It will be good for her to live with family. She will probably not be able to live on her own again.

We just finished our study of Lewis and Clark. We are continuing to watch the documentary by Ken Burns and hope to go to the interpretive center soon.


Kristin said...

Hi Robin -- thanks for stopping by and your words of congratulations for Jonathan. I love the photos of your kids on the side-bar; what a beautiful family!

Robin said...

Hi, Kristin!
I really enjoy your blog! Congrats again on baby Jonathan!