Friday, January 30, 2009

Planning and menu...

Julia, Thomas, Anna and I went last night and picked Jesse up at work. We then met Debi at Texas Roadhouse to try out a weeknight special. That place was packed. Jesse and I shared a steak and each had a salad....yummy! Then we hit Walmart for $200 plus bucks! Ouch! I spend his entire paycheck in one day most time, lol! I got badly needed household stuff and stuff for 2 parties this weekend and also having Grandpa over for dinner on Friday. We are having friends over Saturday night and going to Debi's for a Super Bowl party on Sunday. Here is my menu for the week starting Feb !:

Mon-Chili and cornbread

Tues-cheesy pasta and peas

Wed-chicken pot pie

Thu-hamburgers and fries

Fri-Chunky chicken soup and rolls

Sat-Cashew beef stirfry

Sun-broccoli cheese soup and rolls

Simplicity is my hallmark!!!!

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