Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day 2009

2009...this is the year that I turn 40!!! Yikes!!!! Oh, well....with age comes wisdom and all those other good things. Jesse worked today and hopefully things will be better than last night when he came home...we had a bad time last night-- Colton and I went out to put the battery charger on the little car (I was supposed to be teaching him how to do it)...Colton got in to pop the hood and locked the doors, got out and slammed the door...oops, now we are locked out. I tried to poke a wire hanger in the window today but didn't get anywhere. I do not want to pay $100+ for a locksmith!!

Katie played with her cousin all day; she spent the night last night and will again tonight. It was a pretty lazy day...we watched HGTV...Julia's favorite...but she longs for those beautiful houses and rooms altogether too much. Colton made tuna and noodles for dinner. Also watched some AFV, which is the other kids favorites. I am once again trying to read through the Bible in a I read January 1st passages.

I took Ollie for 2 walks....we are still going to try to give him away, but I don't know if it will be successful. I love dear Ollie, but he is a pain and would be better served on a farm. If he doesn't find a home, will have to work on training. Also, gave Anna a bath. She looks so funny with her hair wet and flat...has such a round face that you don't notice with her straight up locks.

Well...I wonder what 2009 will bring???!!!

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